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So in my ramblings I found some amusing George Washington quotes, the ones that will never get cited.

"The General does not mean to discourage the practice of bathing, whilst the weather is warm enough to continue it; but he expressly forbids, any persons doing it, at or near the Bridge in Cambridge, where it has been observed and complained of, that many Men, lost to all sense of decency and common modesty, are running about naked upon the Bridge, whilst Passengers, and even Ladies of the first fashion in the neighbourhood, are passing over it, as if they meant to glory in their shame." -General Orders, August 22, 1775

One has to wonder how many reports it takes to get an official order telling you to put your dicks away.

"The Commander in chief, in the most pointed and explicit terms, forbids ALL officers and soldiers, playing at cards, dice—or at any games, except those of EXERCISE."-General Orders, May 8, 1777.

Apparently we had a gambling problem.

"General Washington’s compliments to General Howe. He does himself the pleasure to return him a dog, which accidentally fell into his hands, and by the inscription on the Collar appears to belong to General Howe."-Washington to Gen. William Howe, October 6, 1777.
That's right, Alexander Hamilton wrote about someone's lost dog.

"General Washington having been informed, lately, of the honor done him by Miss Kitty Livingston in wishing for a lock of his Hair, takes the liberty of inclosing one, accompanied by his most respectful compliments."- Washington to Catharine Wilhelmina Livingston, March 18, 1778.

This is not creepy in this context, apparently.

"An extra ration of liquor to be issued to every man tomorrow, to drink Perpetual Peace, Independence & Happiness to the United States of America."-General Orders, April 18, 1783.

So you see, drinking to celebrate liberty is a time honored tradition.
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Mordred - a heavily researched Arthurian drama film being made in Devon & Cornwall - please support us - great perks from just £1!

Please support this crowdfund for a groundbreaking local film!
I am directing in this amazing film and theatre project, and I would love to see this become the very best that it could be. It is an incredible piece of work already, with an amazing team!
This production aims to not only showcase very heavily researched Dark Ages (6th century) history of Devon and Cornwall, linked to some of the very earliest and less known Arthurian legends, but also equally to showcase the amazing skills by local actors, filmmakers, and other production creatives - a lot of film work happens in the southwest but very often local people are passed over for imported talent due to stereotypes of "local people being no-good". This production aims to prove exactly the opposite, with a large, attention-grabbing project that has already been featured in the press not just localy, but in New York and Hollywood itself, and with interest, subject to the finished product (we are unknowns of course) from global film distribution companies. Directed by an experienced female theatre/film director.
The group running it has a proven track record over 10 years of producing historical theatre and film, working from the early days of raising £80 from a carboot sale and using the backroom of a pub for rehearsals. The group (working age adults, historical subject matter) falls straight through the cracks for grants etc, and so everything we do is fundraised for. Alongside a dizzying run of burlesque shows, sponsored swims, a scifi/ fantasy convention, ebay sales, carboot sales, shop counter collection tins, etc, we are also running this crowdfund.
Every penny raised goes into costumes/ props, donations to locations for use, food and camping equipment for cast on location, travel to locations, and some extra equipment. Equipment, following this film, will then be used to make more projects by this group, and to train local people in making high-grade film and video - to help them find work!

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New  Les Miserables theatre production around Torbay (Devon UK) this September...
Directed by me.

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We got a lot (not all, sadly! rounding up all of the 30-strong cast other than for shows and rehearsals is very hard!) of the cast out on a days character photoshoot a couple of weeks ago.. The photos are by me and a couple of friends.
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In late-Habsburg Vienna, the foreign ministry was on Ballhausplatz, and was referred to colloquially as "Ball'platz", the way we say "Foggy Bottom" or "the Quai d'Orsay". But does anyone recall the street where the War Ministry was located? The street name was used to refer to the Kriegsministerium the way we say "the Pentagon", but...I can't recall the street. Does anyone know? Thanks!
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Pirates meet Musketeers in a new play at our towns annual pirate festival this coming weekend...

The South Devon Players community theatre company present:

The Musketeers And The Pirates
FREE FAMILY ALL - ACTION street theatre show this coming weekend in Brixham.(Devon)

In the 1620s- 30s, historically, the French navy was low in strength, and Cardinal Richeleiu made increasing the navys strength, a priority. As part of this new drive, since there were not sufficient shipyards, he purchased foreign ships and imported foriegn shipwrights and crews.

This 20-minute play tells the humourous, fictional story of his attempt to recruit a crew of privateers. Unfortunatly, there is a problem with the small-print, and the Cardinals old nemeses, the Musketeers, are also in town.
(optional donations in bucket always most welcome)

LIVE PERFORMANCES 5pm on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of May at Brixham Pirate Festival (the old fishmarket on the Quay just by the Golden Hind)

All-action, light-hearted swashbuckling street theatre for children and adults alike, inspired by The Three Musketeers, and the historical dealings with foriegn ships and crews by Cardinal Richelieu. Performed by the South Devon Players, in support of of the annual Brixham Pirate Festival.

The South Devon Players:
The Brixham Pirate Festival:

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Melian Dialogue

My history professor showed the class this clip earlier in the semester. I really enjoyed it. the setting and acting reminded me of when I watched Antigone and Oepedius in my high school literature classes.

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reading material for a novel

I have plans for a fantasy novel occurring many between 50,000 BC and 5000 BC in the Middle East. I am preparing to do all my research. Are there any academic books about the region during those time periods? I doubt I would find any books about the Middle East prior to civilization, but I want to consider this option before I search through anthropology, archeological, and other articles online.
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Stalin's Death

I have been reading "Soviet Power and Policy," an anthology of essays published in 1955. One paragraph definitely caught my attention. The last sentence:

"According to a number of completely unverified newspaper reports, the chief of Stalin's personal force was killed on about February 15, 1953, and shortly afterward Stalin himself was murdered."

I know that Stalin died around that time but from a stroke. This has provided an unexpected insight into the initial beliefs concerning his death and into how the press handled it.
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history is much more than facts and dates. History is the analysis of humanity.

Here is another historical book review, perfect for Black history month. But the article also talks a lot about the nature of history, "history is much more than facts and dates. History is the analysis of humanity."

I had also read this in my civil rights class as a required book. It was brilliant.