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Jung Chang


I had read most of Wild Swans. It is a great and well-written book. I recommend it for learning about Chinese history because it encompasses quite a lot. The political/cultural/social shift between Jung Chang's generation and her grandmother's generation is dramatic and alarming. Unfortunately, I could not get past the part where her father was taken.


My latest NYJB review is of an epic work of poetry and great humanity that may appeal to history buffs as well as poetry readers.


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Historical Music videos

So I was strolling merrily across the internet when I came upon music videos to teach about historical events. They are parodies of well known songs with historical facts in them. I figured I'd show them to people here because they might find them interesting. They have multiple time periods covered amongst them, from the Iceman to Mary Queen of Scots.


Favorite historical time period

So I know that all of us here are rather fond of history. Is there a specific time period that interests you above all the others?

1800s archeologists

Heinrich Schliemann is the only 1800s archeologist I know who searched for Troy. Are there any other significant archeologists from the 1800s who excavated or many important discoveries regarding ancient Greece and Rome? I vaguely remember reading about them on my own when I was in 4th grade, but that was sixteen years ago.

Some interesting links



Have you ever encountered a situation in which you have so much stuff that you do not know where to start?

Book Request

A friend of mine is writing a book set in the 1900 - 1914 time period and is looking for any books or resources that talk about the day to day social etiquette of the emerging working middle-class. She's looking for information on the language and slang they would use as well. Any book recommendations would be greatly recieved.

Edit: Ooops, forgot to say - London, England.

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  Someone posted this story from Der Spiegel to the H-War listserv. There were much smaller announcements in North American media (I looked) - but, as of today, Oct. 3, 2010, Germany has finally paid off their war reparations for World War One.

“the Lady Queen” by Nancy Goldstone

A non-fiction and historical biography of a powerful woman who seems to have been forgotten by most historians.