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History Is Fun!

Yesterday Land
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This is a community for everything fascinating that occured before today.

You may post ANYTHING about ANYTHING related to history!

Hindu Gods or shirtwaists or Shakespeare or sex.

Feel free to post any history questions as well with the exception that we won't do your homework for you. If you have a question that's school related, that's ok, but you have to post the question and answer together. If you don't the mods will mock you and lock all your threads inspite of your protests that you aren't fishing for answers. So don't fish. But if you post your own answers with the questions that's cool.

Even if you can't remember what significant event in American history occured in 1865, we won't think you're dumb.

Pictures are especially welcome.

Please be friendly. We have no rules and we don't care about stupid livejournal cuts. If someone asks you though, then please be considerate.
Just post often and comment more often.

ankylosaurusy made me!
absinthe, akira kurosawa, alexander the great, alfred hitchcock, amelia earhart, american history, anais nin, ancient history, anne boleyn, antiques, antony and cleopatra, art, art history, astronomy, beethoven, being excommunicated, black history, bloomers, bohemia, british monarchy, buddhism, burning at the stake, castles, catherine of aragon, catholicism, cholera, christianity, circumnavigating the world, civil rights, classics, communism, consumption, corsets, courtesans, cryptozoology, deinstitutionalization, dinosaurs, divorcing the queen, drugs, ee cummings, egypt, elizabethan england, european history, existentialism, fala, fashion, feminism, film, french bohemia, galileo, geishas, german expressionism, gnosticism, goth, guillotine, guy fawkes, haiku, hamlet, henri de toulouse-lautrec, henry the eighth, heresy, hinduism, hippocrates, history, hokusai, holocaust memorial, hoop skirts, hoovervilles, industrial revolution, inventors, ivan the terrible, jack the ripper, jane avril, jazz, jesus, joan of arc, judaism, knights, la goulue, lewis carroll, literature, macbeth, mary queen of scots, medical history, medieval times, medieval torture, middle ages, mithraism, mithras, music, mythology, nailing theses to doors, newsies, nineteenth ammendment, npr, opera, oscar wilde, pablo picasso, pirates, plagues, poetry, polio, pre-raphaelites, protestant reformation, prussia, psychology, puccini, pyramids, queen victoria, queer history, rasputina, religion, renaissance, rene magritte, rock history, russian revolution, salvador dali, sex, sexual deviance, shirtwaists, silent film, sinking ships, suffrage, surrealism, taoism, the aesthetic, the beat generation, the bible, the church of england, the crusades, the fertile crescent, the french revolution, the furies, the globe theatre, the great depression, the new deal, the restoration, the siren song, triangle shirtwaist fire, tsar history, tudor family, vaudeville, victorian ages, vladimir nabokov, wenches, william shakespeare, witchcraft, women's history, world history, world wars